How has the past month treated Peachy the text and image entertainment? Have, for example, the privations reached him? Is his spending curbed? Does he dread being young, middle aged or old to name but three? Or would he fail that test where they ask you to visualise a pig made out of babies or whatever it was and the pupils of your eyes do not narrow proving you are manmade but not of woman?
“So, Peachy,” I addressed him, “some time ago you declared that it was your intention to gather flesh about yourself in order to get the respect that you felt you deserved. Can I ask you whether you regret pledging this vow that would, if successful, sever you from the mythic and commit you to the dungeons of protein?”
Peachy, in a silken robe, stood between the balcony and I, the morning sun barely detained by the bluish grey gels that were his shifting ectoplasmic substance, shot through with the finest carmine threads of his rudimentary blood system akin more to that of the coldwater frog than the mammalian to which he so warmly aspired.
“Sorry – I wasn’t listening,” he drawled. “Say again – animals…fish…what was it?”
I punched him out. Not exactly hard to do when the subject has less suchness than a stain. Bundling him into a wheeled 50 quart cooler box I decamped. ‘Toynbee Studios next January 27th!’ I undertook.
Because that was where he will be: at Toynbee Studios at 7.30 pm next Thursday January 27th for Season Four, Part Three of David Gale’s Peachy Coochy Nites (I am David) which are like this:

David Gale’s Peachy Coochy Nites
The projector projects 20 images for precisely 20 seconds each. The Coocheur (or Presenter) speaks for precisely twenty seconds per image. Randomness is discouraged but narrative linearity is not automatically esteemed.
David Gale, having launched a nationwide performance must-have, continues to curate this series of Peachy Coochy events at ArtsAdmin’s stylish yet reassuring Bar. Each event features six Coocheurs, or Presenters, drawn from many walks of life. Each Coocheur will compose a verbal response to 20 images of their choice. Each presentation lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds. There will be gaps between presentations for drinking and light conversation.
David, something of a Black Belt in these matters, will both compere and present the meetings that feature comrades yet produce discontinuous agents.
A submission to the endorsement barrel breaks the surface of that cask:
‘I go every week. Would that it were weekly!’
(Dicky 25/12/10)
Peachy Coochy Nites subscribes to the the National Belief System and is therefore committed to the provision of a wide range of contributors such as the dyspeptic, the cheer leader, the furniture mover, the thrower of shapes, the architect of dreams, the sleepyhead, the lounger, the coucher, the maker of phrases.
The next Peachy Coochy Nite will be held, as usual, in the Bar at Toynbee Studios on Thursday January 27th at 7.30 pm. Tickets =A35.00. Booking advised but walk up welcome.
more details here:
and a map here:
The Guardian catches some cooch:
Some of you, pleased by the Nite, may wish to compose your own presentations. See me afterwards.
The Nites will run on the last Thursday of each month. You will be notified.
all the best
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