These are the credits for the whole series.
Actors: Gareth Brierley, Chris Newland, Bernadette Russell, Jude Barrington
Writer and Director: David Gale
Set & Costume Designers:
In the Bosom of Roy: Flo Tasker, Ryan Walsh, Issy Haythorne, Izzy Aidallbery, Emma Leigh-Tipping
The Flutters: Pallavi Dave, Choi Jackson, Hans Jhun, Yi-Hwa Kim, Sofia Sanchez-Langton
The Fastness: Miriam James, Theodora Makariou, Samantha Nicholls, Andreas Papaleondiou, Lauren Penfold
Gulch: Helen Richardson, Alberta Jones, Karolina Roziecka, Hyemi Shin, Sawako Yoshioka
Sleet: Lucie Nebas, Lee Zand, Kat Harvey, Anna Sparshatt
Gush: Tom Blakey, Becky Perryman, Lydia Hicks, Jutta Bornemann, Petra Hjortsberg
The Omnibus: Flo Tasker, Andreas Papaleondiou, Theodora Makariou, Sawako Yoshika, Helen Dale

Light Design & Light and Sound Operation: Dan Hutchinson, Dan Jackson and Emily Breeds
Lighting and Operating Assistants: Jack Wilkins, Sue Rhee, Arjeta Sedju, Emily Freeman, Sam Wright, Seth Rook-Williams, Hayley Bunce, Yana Demo, Silva Rhinas
Production Manager/Stage Manager: Bernd Fauler, Tom Cotterill, Matt Spencer
Metal work: Steve Wood
Carpentry: Julian Romanczuk
Producer: Stephanie Allen

For Wimbledon College of Art:
Pathway Leader Design for Performance: Michael Pavelka
Pathway Leader Theatre Lighting Design & Practice: Dave Horn
Thanks to: Mark at, Hans Soloo, Fred Defaye and all at BAC and Wimbledon for their support.
The series is entirely designed by students from the Theatre School at Wimbledon College of Art.
Dash Dash Dash is commissioned by BAC and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Wimbledon College of Art

Dash Dash Dash: The Series
Lumiere & Son